The Japanese Association for Asian Englishes
The Japanese Association for Asian Englishes

Constitution of JAFAE

Ⅰ. Name

The name of the organization shall be The Japanese Association for Asian Englishes, hereinafter referred to as JAFAE.

Ⅱ. Purposes

The purposes of JAFAE are to investigate various issues involved in the diffusion and diversification of English in Asia and the Pacific.

Ⅲ. Activities

In order to fulfill the purposes stated above, JAFAE shall

Ⅳ. Membership

Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the fields stated in ArticleⅢ. There shall be three general categories of membership: full member, corporate member and student member.

Ⅴ. Dues and accounts

All members must pay dues. Dues for members shall be proposed by the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote of the General Meeting. JAFAE's fiscal year shall begin on April 1 and end on March 31 of the next year.

Ⅵ. Officers

JAFAE shall have a Chief Executive Officer and several Executive Officers.

Ⅶ. General and Executive Board Meetings

JAFAE shall have General Meetings and Executive Board Meetings.

The General Meeting shall include full, student and corporate members. It shall deliberate and decide upon important matters concerning activities and management of the association.

The Executive Board Meeting shall consist of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Officers, and shall carry out the activities stated in ArticleⅢ and take responsibility for budgetary matters.

Ⅷ. Secretariat

In principle, the Secretariat of JAFAE shall be located in the institution to which the Secretary General belongs.

Ⅸ. Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by approval of two thirds of the participating members at a General Meeting. Supplementary Provision
This Constitution shall go into effect with approval of the General Meeting held in conjunction with the 2nd National Conference on January 31, 1998.
Amended June, 1998